What is Powder Coating?


Powder Coating is an advance method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industrial and consumers.

The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated.

The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a coating in a curing oven. The result is a uniform high quality, and attractive finish.

Why Powder Coat?

Powder Coating is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to wet paint and other coating. It is also more durable, excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, UV from sunlight, chipping, corrosion protection and less expensive than most other coating.

Another advantage of powder coating over liquid coating is turn around time, Because there is no post curing associated with Powder Coating